What We Do

Our Mission & Vision

This is the least we are doing, we aim for much more.

Ancient places have soul

Reviving old places like temples, historical monuments, forts is one of the important mission of Manav Sarthi. Our volunteers travel to distant places to document that place. Our aim is to protect and preserve sites which are of historical importance. We also conduct cleanliness drives to clean public places.

Unity in Diversity

India is a culturally diverse country and we at Manav Sarthi document different communities, culture and tribes of India at one place. Our team try to incorporate different shades of colorful India into a single place at Manav Sarthi. Also Manav Sarthi team runs awareness programs for different communities so that the last person of the remotest village get aware of various social issues.

Focus on Education

We believe that any development that can be done but education is the most important thing that can make it permanent. We need to focus on education more than anything else. We aim to open schools and provide best quality of education to students.

Exploring Tourism Potential

Tourism is going to be next growth driver for India. We at Manav Sarthi are constantly working towards exploring the not so popular but culturally and historically rich sites. We maintain sites which are in list of Archaeological survey of India bur not known. We maintain details of these places.

Problem Solving

Every region has its own set of necessities and specific problem, our team works with local communities to find out their grievances and guide them in finding the solution. We also run a lot of campaigns for regional development.

Tribes are tributes to modern day society

It is important to take care of every part of the society, especially when they put their heart and sould in whatever they do. It is our duty, to take their creations to the world because they are absolute hard work. By promoting Tribal art and culture, we just don't create job opportunities for them, we also make other communities, not just in India, but around the world about the rich culture, traditions, art and craft the tribes of India has to offer. Manav Sarthi is a link for the world to connect with the genuine tribal art and culture.

The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.
Ruth Benedict